DynIP Client(tm) for HTTP 1.x compliant browsers

You have reached this page because you have not provided your registration key as part of this URL. Please go to www.dynip.com/webclient to specify your registration key and activate your Internet name, or specify your registration key as follows:


Where reg-key should be replaced with your own registration key. In the event that the service is unable to determine your correct IP address, you may specify it explicitly as follows:


where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx represents your current IP address.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us here

What is DynIP?

DynIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically tracks your current IP Address every time you connect to the Internet. If you want to run a server from your desktop you can give your Internet Name to your customers and they can find your server without ever knowing your current IP Address again! DynIP's Internet Name technology works great with multi-player internet games, video conferencing (i.e. NetMeeting), voice conferencing (i.e. IP Phone) and remote access (i.e. PC Anywhere). You can use your Internet Name with all Internet applications where your current IP Address is required.

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